A Place In Time Silver Spring, Maryland

Pop/Rock from Silver Spring, Maryland.

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Track Name: The Mindset
I'm just a kid; A baby in the game, but I'd uninstall my life before I give it up for fame. Cause I don't want to change unless it's under my own terms. Now these kids are telling me who we're supposed to be and what we're supposed to sound like. That doesn't even sound right. It's getting on my last nerve. Does anybody feel me? If there's another path, we surely wouldn't take it. There's no way of knowing this will last. We got no time to waste. So we say, fuck the industry for all the lives it took. But we've got a plan. We'll use our lifespan to save originality from the history books.
Track Name: Don't Get Your Feelings Hurt
They say every form of art it paints a picture. Well this is a canvas left unscathed. We're all just painters crafting days. Turn back the clock two years ago. It was our first show hanging at the Firehall. We thought nothing could go wrong and we went on and on about the life we want. Now rationality's blowing up my phone saying things like, “it's not gonna last.” I never really liked him anyway. But it still makes me ask, why are these kids looking up to me when I'm always the one to say that I'm just like you man. Already 21 but I've still got a game plan. The only thing I've ever dreamt about. The only thing I've ever dreamt of. These first few years have opened my eyes and now I can't un-see, anything. The only thing I've ever dreamt about. The only thing I've ever dreamt of. These first few years have opened my ears but I can barely see a thing. You say you're the best but you never tried to show it. That's a slap in my face and I know it. Cause everyday I'm just hoping I don't blow it. Yeah is that real enough for you. I ask why these kids are looking up to me. When I'm always the one to say we got a ways to go. And that’s all I know. Say you're the best but you've never tried to show it. There's a knife in my back and I know it. And every day I'm just hoping I don't blow it. Yeah is that real enough. We're falling in and out of our chance to make amends. This decision that we made, some might call it an accident, It hangs out in the back of my mind and it's telling me we should break tradition for all the un-made friends in other states we've gotta visit, but like the words in our name We've got time. The weight of wishful thinking is breathing down my neck.
Track Name: Dreamcatcher
So this is all your moral downfall has done? You look surprised so let me break this down. Lately you're underachieved, off balance and weak. And now you're teetering on the edge. So tell me now are you proud of yourself. How are we the scum of the earth when your loyalty was just an obligation? I want you here with me, but if you stay it's all for nothing. It's time to make that call. When there's nowhere to run to, we've all been waiting for you, so long. It's time to make that call and leave this all behind us. However long it takes there's no rush anyway. It’s a shame, it's a shame when you have to get to a point where as a friend you would understand instead of desecrating everything and I can't believe that out of everyone you would be the one who would let me down. You let me down again. This was a future we had locked down since high school. I guess I'm the dream catcher that threw your life away. And I know you probably think about it every day. I guess I'm the dream catcher. That threw your life away and I'm sorry if you think about it every day. It's time to make that call. So no remorse no regrets you never thought about it cause you're so oblivious to the way you treated us. The way that it hurts to push you away, you thought we'd never resort to this, so are you proud of yourself? How are we the scum of the earth when all we wanted was some dedication?
Track Name: Three or Four Words
My only fear is the misinterpretation of everything I say to you. And you know I don't want to be another casualty that we lost in the fucked up things you do. But you do. Somehow your words have manifested into a bullet that impacted between my eyes. So now you're hard to read. And I thought we could always be what we were meant to be. I guess I'll blame it on your pride. I'm not gonna chase you cause you know it's such as waste and frankly, I'd rather take a hadouken to the face and maybe I was never meant to be by your side. You could've told me in the first place. Now I'm sure this could never be undone. I fell short of being the one. And now I'm not good enough you say I'm not good enough anymore. You could've told me in the first place. If I didn't know better I'd say your mind coincides with the weather. And if climate's changing, you trying to get over me well, go ahead and end the world cause I'm done. When I'm out with my friends it's a brand new morning. When I'm home and alone it's a different story. It's still unsettling. Yeah, it's so unsettling. And I can see your point. Yeah I can see where you're coming from. Are you sure it was worth it? I don't think it was worth it. I can't speak I can't fall asleep with anybody new. And baby it's true that I messed up and that's pretty fucked but is it really worth me and you? If I didn't know better I'd say your mind coincides with the weather and if climate changing is you. If it's you. If it's you infecting my thoughts, when I'm trying to extinguish the flame. My mindset malfunctions when I hear the phone, cause secretly I'm praying it's your name. When our future had never seemed brighter, like a solar eclipse you took it away. But grudges and hard feelings are for weaker people, so I'll see you around someday.
Track Name: Transitions
I know there's a reason but this guilt trip's too much for me. Know it's too late but I can't let this happen over and over. I'm not sure what I did to earn this but I'll admit I'm still not fully furnished. But everyday gets better than the last. Since I woke up today I guess my body wants to move on. If you're still in bed today then get your fucking socks and shoes on. Cause what life has in store can make you feel lower than the ocean floor. But we all deserve more. In My darkest hour, I stand all alone in the rain. I'm glad I still have air to breathe and it shows. What do you do when you lose somebody close to you? And even though they want you to stay strong you just let it pull you underneath the ground. And how about the girl who thought she finally had the one. And now that it's all over she'd just rather have a gun. And even if that person comes in they're worth anything at all. She still won’t give a dime that's how another person falls down. I know it's in season but this heat is too much for me now. This could be the worst dilemma that I have ever faced. Cause I don't need another plot twist and I guess I could be pretty pissed, but I'm finally getting over this and it shows. When I was younger I thought that the first mistake was the last but alas I see that it was just the beginning of those games we play. Not to win but to stay alive. I'm alive. All good things come to a bitter sweet end. I don't want to be somebody who lives to get ruined.